The Co impact Headquarters operations are led by a highly motivated staff of more than 60 professionals. In addition to the Headquarters team, more than 100 staff manage the day-to-day operations of each Co impact country. Together, these individuals make up a diverse and talented group of leaders committed to achieving the Co impact mission around the world. We’re especially proud that a significant number of these individuals are alumni of the Co impact program. Listed below are the members of the Co impact Headquarters leadership team.

Ahmed Abdelwahab

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Phone: (+201-012-412-423)

What We do


- CO IMPACT activity is Non-profit organization

- CO IMPACT activity seeks to accomplish its objectives on basis away from racialism or political or religous descrimination.

All of activites of CO IMPACT are educational cultural and social and has no religous or political activity inside or outside the university


Qualifying students enough to face labor market in good way not only that but also practice them to apply what they learn in college practically.


Reducing the gap betwwen the academic study and labor market , to make students more able to adapt with work life challenges

Our Committees

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Human resources

Human resources (HR) committee : It is the committee which is responsible for doing the interviews for the new members of all committees at the beginning of the season , It is responsible for evaluating the performance of the members through the season , It is responsible for determining the active members in all of the committees every month , It is responsible for training the members the necessary skills such as presentation skills and communication skills etc , It is responsible for solving any misunderstanding between the members.

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Public relations

Public relations (PR) committee : It is responsible for finding sponsors to our events such as our opening event , It is responsible for making deals with banks or companies to do sessions or work shops to the members or the students , It is responsible for present the name of Co impact externally.

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Fund raising (FR) committee : It is responsible for finding ways to gain money for our activities , FR committee gain money from the following : Selling Co impact T_shirts to the members , Making trips to students , Selling Egypt career summit tickets.

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Organization committee

It is responsible for organizing any events or sessions or work shops Co impact do whether out side or inside the university , It is responsible for making decorations for our offlines and events , It is responsible for communicating with the students which attend our sessions and work shops.

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It is the committee which is responsible for writing any content on our official Facebook page , It is responsible for announcing about any workshops or sessions we do for students , It helps the students to be qualified to the labor market through our Facebook page , By using our page we show students what skills must be developed and what courses can be useful in the field they are interested in .

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Information technology

It is responsible for making all the designs and videos which shows on our Facebook page , It is responsible for helping the marketing committee to implement thier ideas on the page ,It is responsible for answering any questions from the students to us , It is responsible for solving any technical problems on the page.

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